New meal plan coming next week!

Hi all,

I’m so glad people are enjoying the meal plans I’ve started posting – please keep the messages coming and let me know what you like, what you want to see more of, and how I can make them better for you to use!

Speaking of the last piece…I didn’t forget to post a plan for this week, but I did forget to tell you why, oops!

I took some time off this week for a staycation – we’re doing projects around the house, I’m fleshing out some ideas for this site, and most importantly we’re taking extra time to play together as a family! So we’re pretty off schedule this week, and I didn’t do a formal plan like usual. But I’m still going to be prepping for upcoming weeks of meal planning, and I’ll be back with a new set of recipes to share this weekend.

Here are some of the things on my project list this week to make my next meal plans work a little smoother:

  • Taking a full inventory of the pantry and freezers
  • Baking up breads and muffins to freeze for future grab-and-go meals
  • Updating our lunch box collection now that all the school stuff is out
  • Experimenting with new meal planning formats to share with you

I’m also planning out a lunchbox challenge we’ll be holding in our private accountability¬†group (hosted on Facebook) in September. I’ll share my favorite tips for packing healthy lunches for myself for the office, for my husband on the road, and for our little guy to take to daycare. It’ll be a month long idea, recipe, and lunch plan swap, and I can’t wait!

Would you like to join us? Fill out the application here!

I’ll review it to make sure you’re a real person (I’m pretty quick to ban spam bots if they get in, but I prefer to keep them out in the first place!) and send you a link to be added to the group.

Have a great week, everyone, I’ll be back with a new meal plan this weekend!

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