9 Hacks For Making Exercise A Consistent Habit

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1. My four step system to making exercise a consistent habit in your life
2. Five tips you can implement TODAY to get and stay on the right path
3. A guide to implementing the system, with my favorite sites, apps, and resources

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Before & after weight loss photo

Feeling nervous about getting started? Repeat after me: "I can do this."

“I was planning to go to the gym last night, but…”

Does that sound familiar? This was my life after my son was born, I went from a regular at our local gym to someone who could point in its vague general direction if asked for directions in no time flat. I missed that part of my life, and I was sad about what was happening to my body, but with all my other commitments and new responsibilities, I really thought it was a closed chapter.

Today, I exercise 5 days a week, in spite of my family commitments, full-time job, and long commute. It took me a lot of sweat, tears, and frustration to figure out a system that worked for me and that I now teach to my coaching clients. It’s available to you, for FREE, because I understand that creating our own good habits is the best way to teach our kids to have a healthy relationship with their bodies.