Who’s Behind The Healthy Family Project?

File Apr 23, 10 55 12 AMHey, I’m Shanna!

I coach people who struggle to stay consistent with a fitness and nutrition plan. I give them the tools to deal with life’s little curveballs, while getting healthier and feeling more confident.

I’ve got…

  • A husband.
  • A toddler.
  • A full-time job, with a crazy commute.
  • Two cats (they’re twins!)
  • A wicked addiction to yarn and books.
  • And a coaching business

And I make the time to Get. It. DONE.

When I’m not helping a client make her own plan for health and confidence, or writing blogs about my four-step system for staying consistent, I can be found knitting a quirky pair of socks (Dobby is my hero), playing endless games of Thomas & Friends with my little guy, or sipping tea and indulging my taste for Agatha Christie mysteries on rainy days.

If you’re dying to know more, here are 5 things you don’t know about me…

1) I routinely challenge myself to use Princess Bride quotes in everyday conversation.
2) My husband and I met at work, and two jobs later for me and three for him, we’re working together again at a different company.
3) Back in the days when I was a fancy schmancy event coordinator (that’s an official title right there), I owned more formal dresses than pairs of jeans.
4) During my son’s NICU stay and my maternity leave, I watched every single season of Grey’s Anatomy during pumping and feeding sessions.
5) I cannot stand kale. I know, I know, it’s healthy and all that, but I guarantee you will never see it in any of my menu plans because it makes me gag. Yeeeeccccccchhhhhh.

Work with me, right this second, by downloading my super awesome checklist – 9 Hacks For Making Exercise A Consistent Habit!